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 Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel

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PostSubject: Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel   Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel EmptyApril 27th 2008, 12:58 pm

Sunwing is my favorite book which i'm reading. I have a book report due on wednesday and I did it one this so here it is!

The adventurous book series continues with Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel. After finding out from Zephyr, the albino bat keeper of the spirte spire in a city, that his father isn’t dead, Shade Silverwing continues to look for his father, Cassiel Silverwing. The bats that decided to help find Cassiel in the Silverwing colony, lead by a bat named Icarus, Shade’s friend Marina Brightwing, Shade, Shade’s mother, Ariel, and the chief eleder of the Silverwing colony, Frieda, leave for this human building that Icarus said that Cassiel disappeared into. The arrive. They are welcomed by a bat named Arcadia.
The bats there think the place is paradise. Shade has doubts on it. He sees humans take hundreds of sleeping bats for an unknown reason. But where is Cassiel? Not here. Shade finds a way to escape. Down a stream. But he goes back inside and an owl follows him. They talk. Suddenly, Goth, a vampire bat who is Shade’s enemy comes to attack. He was about to attack the owl but then Shade resued him.
Later that day, Shade is taken. He gets a metal band put on him by a human. He esapes with a fellow bat named Chinook. Before long, the other caged bats escape. Shade leaves without Frieda, Ariel and Shade who start to look for him. Shade heads to Goth’s home, the jungle, to see if his father is there. Also to save the sun from Goth because Goth is trying to create eternal night.
In his adventure, Shade meets up with a bat named Ishmael, another bat named Caliban and the owl. The owl’s name is revealed; Orestes.
Orestes tells Shade that the owls besides him are going to declare war on the bats. The bats don’t want a war. But the bats want to not be banished from the sun anymore.
The theme of the book is that one runt of a large group can make a difference. Shade makes a huge difference in the book which helps other bats.
I chose this book because last year I read it, and it was my favorite book. So I decided to read it again. I would recommend it to people who have read the book Silverwing first and to people who like bats and adventures.
Questions flow through your head after reading the summary I gave. Will Shade find his father? Will Goth be stopped from creating eternal night? Will Marina and Ariel catch up to Shade? Will the banishment end? Read the book to find out the answers, you must.
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Sunwing by Kenneth Oppel
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