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 Priestess_Kikyo's Poem

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PostSubject: Priestess_Kikyo's Poem   May 10th 2008, 1:03 am

My life seems to have no meaning to many people anymore
The two men I know have ever liked me, they have either been taken or driven away
And as I sit here listening to songs about pain, suffering, and even love, I think to myself," I can get past this in time, but I'm not ready yet..."
I wondered, when I lost my first true love, why God would take him from me
I still do not know that answer but I still seek it
I wondered, when I lost my second, why I did it to him, I knew I liked him, but wasn't ready
The first, he still loves me, I can tell by the way he steals looks or glances at me in secrecy
The second, I know not but my thoughts are he does not
I feel completely terrible for what I had to do to the second one, but I knew I had to once I realized what was wrong with me
I still yearn for the first and that was why I did what I did to the second, it is better than cheating in secret behind his back
I know one day I will get over the first and second and hopefully rekindle both friendships but until that day, I know now what I am going to do...
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Priestess_Kikyo's Poem
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