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 The Amazing Forum Rules Guide!

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Super Sonic34
Super Sonic34

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PostSubject: The Amazing Forum Rules Guide!   The Amazing Forum Rules Guide! EmptyJuly 17th 2008, 6:58 pm

You must read these rules prier to registering. Failure to break these rules, could lead to a Ban.

1. Swearing/Cursing is NOT tolerated throughout the forum. Swearing will get you a warningautomatically. New rule, No changed word swearing is aloud on the forum as well.

Ex. - (Bitch) = Betch = Bich
Ex. - (Fuck) = Fuk = Fuhk = Phuck

2. Do not spam on this forum. Spamming is merly stupid, idiotic pointless messages. Spamming will get you a warning automatically.

3. No Flaming. This includes insulting others, racist comments, profanity, ect. Severe flaming, will get a automatic 24 hours ban.

4. No Begging. There is no begging to be staff members or any type of begging on this forum. Once a person says no, its NO. Begging will get you a reminder.

5. Forbidden Topics:
- No posting virus or keylogger related posts/links
- No posting topics about racism, sexism, or any other -ism is allowed.

Advertising on this forum, not including videos, will be removed no doubt, unless the Administrator puts one up. The Admin, will check the Site, and then remove it and the person who posted it will get an automatic 24 hour ban.

6. DO NOT ask to be a Moderator or any other type of Staff member on this forum. This includes mentioning that you could be good in this group, and how you would like to be in it someday. Asking will automatically get you an exclusion of that group, meaning if you ask, you wont get in it.

7. Inappropriate Material: Do not post any inappropriate material such as graphic, sexual content, or found obsene to the age of the person. That will get you an automatic Account Ban.

8. Colorized Typing and Bold: Only Administrators, Moderators, and GFX Staff can post in bold and in color. Each Staff has a Moderation color. Posting in Colorized Font or Bold will get you a reminder.

9. Moderator and Administrator Final Say: If a Mod or Admin says you have a warning, or are banned. YOUR BANNED. No ifs, buts, or ands about it. Do not argue with a Moderator or Administrator. Making another account to yell or flam at a Mod/Admin, you will be IP Banned.

10. Explicit Contect on Avatars and Signatures: If you post any graphic material on your Signature or Avatar, it will be removed. An Admin will then go an set your account so that you can not post any more Avatars or signatures, and an Admin will give you one from the Gallery.

11. Avatar and Signature Size: Your avatar must stay small and be a normal size, and same with your signature. You can not exceed 3 signatures for your account. The signatures can not be to long that it takes up the whole page.

12. 3 Word Minimum: Each post has to have atleast 3 words. Smilies do not count. If your post doesnt not exceed 3 or more words, you will get a reminder and if you do it again, you will get a warning.

13. Bumping Topics: Please do not old bump topics that havent been posted in for months. You will get a reminder, and a Moderator or Administrator will come and lock the topic. After a couple times you will get a warning.

14. Double/Triple Posting: There is no Double/Triple posting aloud unless separated between 24 hours. If you forgot to say something in your post, Please use the edit button and figure it out and add what you need. You will get a reminder if you do it, then you will get a warning.

You must follow these rules if you want to stay safe and secure on this forum, and not get banned or get warned.

Thank you
~Super Sonic34 ( Forum Owner, and Administrator )
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The Amazing Forum Rules Guide!
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