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 Everything you need to know.

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Everything you need to know. Empty
PostSubject: Everything you need to know.   Everything you need to know. EmptyFebruary 22nd 2008, 10:34 pm

What is "The Design Lounge"?

The Design Lounge is a section solely dedicated to the graphics artists here at Amazing Forum. If you are a beginner artist looking to improve your graphics ability this is the section for you. In this section, you will be able to find various tutorials, resources and threads which shall meet your graphic needs. Not to mention, you can also have your work critiqued by the current graphics artist. However, the design lounge isn't just about graphics work. We accept all forms of media.

What are the rules pertaining to "The Design Lounge"?

Please note that all other forum rules apply to the Amazing Forum Graphics Design Lounge. However, there is one rule which specifically relates to the graphics community, ripped artwork.

For those of you who have posted ripped artwork and or are planning to I suggest that you think twice before doing so. As of now, any members caught posting ripped artwork shall be punished.

Also, if you notice any members using another persons signature/avatar and have worries about it being ripped please contact one of the staff members immediately. This also goes for members who believe that another user has stolen his or her signature or avatar.
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Everything you need to know.
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